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Biography—The Entrepreneur—  

Charles Duprey Langlois, pka Charlie Duprey 

Charles Duprey Langlois is an upbeat entrepreneur that derives purpose from his passions for soccer, music, and education. Charles has worked diligently to stay connected to his passions and build an intimate network of talented athletes, musicians, and young professionals. Charles, professionally known as Charlie Duprey, garnered essential exposure to design and arts through his higher education at Georgia Tech and Georgia State University. He believes that everyone has unique “assets,” strengths upon which people can expand their personal and professional arsenals. He understands that the five pillars of organizational leadership are finance, human resources, marketing, operations/tech, and general counsel. As a creative entrepreneur, Charles understands his talents are unique to the marketing pillar. Charles’ dedication to lifelong learning is essential to his entrepreneurial journey and story.  


Biography—The Entrepreneurship— 


YUDA COLX LLC, dba Charlie Duprey Song Management 

Charlie Duprey will work hard to ensure the creative control, equity, and longevity of his music-industry entity. YUDA COLX LLC will support songwriters, publishers, recording artists, and rights holders on their respective musical journeys. YUDA COLX LLC envisions that affiliated music personnel and businesses will cross their respective rubicons in partnership with YUDA COX LLC. As a manager, Charlie Duprey will build his song management organization upon three structurally-sound, communication pillars: flexibility, responsiveness, and customer care. As a curator, Charlie Duprey will promote intimate music partnerships and contextualize Spanglish music. Lastly, as a music publisher, Charlie Duprey will work as an administrator, financial technologist, and fellow creative. 

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